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Allison Lane Auto Care

Quality auto service and repair.

Specializing in:

  • Engine, transmission and body computer systems diagnosis and repair.  

  • Electrical and wiring diagnosis and repairs.  

  • Heating and Air Conditioning.  

  • Brakes, Steering & Suspension.

  • Scheduled maintenance and preventative maintenance car care. 

  • Performance & four wheel drive repair, differentials, service, parts, welding and modifications.

Bumper to bumper repairs and service!


Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Saturday - By Appointment

Sunday - Closed

All major credit cards accepted.

Services at Allison Lane Auto Care

Engine and computer control diagnosis and repair
Timing belt and chain replacement
Electrical wiring systems diagnosis and repair
Steering and suspension

Engine & computer controls diagnosis

Diagnosis and repair of automotive computer controls including fuel, ignition, emissions, body control, traction control and antilock brake systems.  

Timing Belts and chains

Replacement of timing belts and chains including related components.

Steering & Suspension

Diagnosis and repair of steering and suspension components including, power steering rack and pinion, gear boxes, pumps and hoses, shocks, struts, springs, ball joints and tie rod ends.

Cooling System 

Diagnosis and repair of automotive cooling systems including hoses, radiator, water pump, electric and clutch fans and heater cores.

Electrical Systems Diagnosis & Repair

Diagnosis and repair of automotive electrical systems and wiring including power windows and locks, heating and air conditioning (HVAC), audio, lighting, accessories and more.

Brake service and repair


Brake service including replacement of pads, calipers and rotors, as well as shoes, wheel cylinders and drums.  Hydraulic system repairs and service. Diagnosis and repair of ABS, antilock braking systems.

performance and modification

Performance & Modification

Performance and vehicle modifications including, carburetor adjustment and rebuild, four wheel drive lift kits, offroad accessories, drivetrain repair, ring & pinion re-gear, transfer case and transmission.

Four wheel drive and offroad
Vehicle Inspections
Differential Ring & Pinion

Four wheel drive and Off Road service and repair

Four wheel drive and off road shop service and repair including transfer case, drive shaft, double cardan driveshaft, u-joints, steering, suspension and differentials.  Jeep and offroad service, repair and modifications.  Electrical accessory installation.  Death Wobble Inspections.

Vehicle Inspections

Vehicle inspections, including safety, vehicle purchase and inspections required by ride share providers including Lyft and Uber.  Inspection performed by ASE Certified Master Automobile Technician.

Differential Ring & Pinion

Differential diagnosis, inspection, maintenance, service and repair.  Ring & pinion replacement for rebuild, repair or re-gearing.

Scheduled maintenance and preventative maintenance car care. 


Scheduled maintenance and preventative maintenance car care. 

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